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Our aim is to support deserving families in realizing their dream of homeownership, offering an alternative to the stringent qualification process enforced by traditional lenders. By providing a more accessible approach, we enable these families to secure a home of their own, fostering stability and empowerment for a brighter future.


Our team dedicates our resources and industry knowledge to find individuals the home that they deserve. Each client is treated individually as we understand that there are many variables that can affect credit and the ability to get a mortgage from the bank. We take the time to assess unique circumstances, providing personalized solutions and guidance to overcome challenges and ensure a successful path to homeownership. 

Our experienced professionals work closely with clients, offering financial education, credit counseling, and tailored assistance to improve creditworthiness and enhance their chances of obtaining a mortgage loan. Through our comprehensive approach, we strive to empower families with the necessary tools and support to make their homeownership dreams a reality.

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To better understand the financial challenges individuals face, we kindly request prospective residents to complete a Pre-Qualification Application. This application allows us to assess their unique needs and circumstances, enabling us to provide tailored support and assistance to address their specific financial concerns.

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Our valued clients will collaborate with a dedicated realtor who possesses expertise in the field, ensuring they find a home that perfectly aligns with their unique requirements. Whether their preference is a secluded location or a waterfront property, our professional realtors will diligently assist in locating the ideal home that fulfills their specific desires.

We buy the home You lease from us

The process is straightforward and hassle-free! Our clients will complete a lease agreement along with a Right to Purchase Agreement, ensuring a seamless transition to their desired home. These documents solidify their commitment and establish the pathway to future homeownership, providing them with the confidence and security of knowing they are on the path to owning their dream home.

Buy from us

We offer you the opportunity to become a homeowner at the end of the lease term, eliminating the situation where you pay rent without any possibility of owning the home. By choosing to buyout the home, the lease payments you make will be credited towards your final purchase, enabling you to build equity and ultimately achieve ownership of the property.


Are you frustrated with the home buying process? Have you been denied by the big banks? Is your credit rating bruised? Tired of Renting? Stop paying down the Landlord’s mortgage and put that hard earned money back in your pocket.

Stop worrying about your current situation and start enjoying your life as a homeowner without the qualification headaches of major lenders. Our program allows you to get into the home of your dreams now, repair your credit, and open an entirely new chapter of homeownership in your life.

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