Find your new home today

We help deserving families own a home of their own without the strict qualification process from traditional lenders



Our team dedicates our resources and industry knowledge to find individuals the home that they deserve. Each client is treated individually as we understand that there are many variables that can affect credit and the ability to get a mortgage from the bank.


Apply and get approved

We ask prospective residents to fill out a Pre-Qualification Application so that we can assess the individual’s needs based on the issues that they are facing financially.

Find a home

Our clients will work with a professional realtor to find a home that matches their needs, whether it be away from everyone or by the water.

We buy the home
You lease from us

It’s as simple as that! Clients will sign a lease to the home as well as a Right to Purchase Agreement.

Buy from us

We will sell you the home upon the lease ending, so that you avoid paying rent with no chance of ever owning the home. Your lease payments will go towards your final purchase if you choose to buyout the home.

We say YES when the banks say NO

Are you frustrated with the home buying process? Have you been denied by the big banks? Is your credit rating bruised? Tired of Renting? Stop paying down the Landlord’s mortgage and put that hard earned money back in your pocket.

Stop worrying about your current situation and start enjoying your life as a homeowner without the qualification headaches of major lenders. Our program allows you to get into the home of your dreams now, repair your credit, and open an entirely new chapter of homeownership in your life.

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